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inactiveTopic Compiling Eiffel for the CLR
started 5/20/2002; 2:38:34 PM - last post 5/21/2002; 10:37:23 AM
Ehud Lamm - Compiling Eiffel for the CLR  blueArrow
5/20/2002; 2:38:34 PM (reads: 1950, responses: 1)
Compiling Eiffel for the CLR
Bertrand Meyer explains an approach to compiling Eiffel's multiple inheritance into .Net's single inheritance model. Essentially, the solution is based on clever use of interfaces.

(From the LtU discussion group. Thanks, Dan!)

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Martin Bravenboer - Re: Compiling Eiffel for the CLR  blueArrow
5/21/2002; 10:37:23 AM (reads: 784, responses: 0)
I've not tried it out, but as far as I can see the multiple-inheritance work-around with interfaces doesn't work if one (or more) superclass has not been not written in Eiffel (C# for example) or the class is compiled in IL .

The Eiffel .NET compiler cannot make an interface and make this superclass implement this interface. Thus it is impossible to use the work-around in this case. I haven't tried it out although, so I might miss something essential.

If this is correct, the integration of Eiffel is not as good as Bertrand tries to show in this article. This is not a big deal te me, but I'm disappointed (again: the first article did also contain some incorrect statements) that a man like Bertrand Meyer doesn't present the full picture.