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started 5/21/2002; 10:10:37 PM - last post 5/24/2002; 11:59:12 AM
Keith Devens - Perl 6 Answers  blueArrow
5/21/2002; 10:10:37 PM (reads: 319, responses: 2)
I found this post on use Perl very interesting and entertaining. Must read if you're into Perl, and it's a good thing to hold us over until the next Apocalypse.

andrew cooke - Re: Perl 6 Answers  blueArrow
5/23/2002; 12:34:20 PM (reads: 344, responses: 0)
If I understand right from your weblog, they're changing regexp syntax. That seems a bit odd to me - having a unified syntax ("Perl 5 regexp" is an unofficial standard) makes a lot of sense (at this very moment I am verifying data on the client with JavaScript and on the server with Java using the same regexps).

Keith Devens - Re: Perl 6 Answers  blueArrow
5/24/2002; 11:59:12 AM (reads: 345, responses: 0)
I suspect they'll have a compatibility mode. Even when writing Perl 6 code, I bet you'll be able to write Perl 5 regexes.

What it comes down to, is if they advance the state (no put intended) of regexes, I'm all for it. We'll have to wait for the Apocalypse to find out what they're really doing.