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inactiveTopic Lua Lights up Telecom Testing
started 5/28/2002; 11:29:07 AM - last post 5/31/2002; 8:06:51 AM
Chris Rathman - Lua Lights up Telecom Testing  blueArrow
5/28/2002; 11:29:07 AM (reads: 468, responses: 1)
Lua Lights up Telecom Testing
This article delves into the use of the Lua programming language for an embedded telecom application. From my limited exposure to the language, Lua seems to be a nice fit for embedded applications that are resource constrained - a domain where C and Forth have been the usual choices.

Long-time readers of Regular Expressions will remember that Lua is particularly straightforward to embed. We know of no practical language that bests it in that regard. Lua is significantly smaller than other scripting engines (apart from Forth) and is as portable as any other. It's also open-source and royalty-free. Furthermore, the coding craftsmanship that goes into Lua is of sufficiently high quality to meet the expectations of the demanding switched-circuit crowd... Moreover, most end users find the syntax of Lua as a programming language comfortable.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Lua Lights up Telecom Testing  blueArrow
5/31/2002; 8:06:51 AM (reads: 470, responses: 0)
Nice to see people understanding the advantages from integrating programming languages inside applications. Flexibility is of course the key, but there are other important advantages like easier testing and platform independence.

Exercise: come up with at least two more reasons why embedding a language is such a good idea