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inactiveTopic (Text) Adventures in Prolog
started 11/16/2000; 9:42:33 AM - last post 11/16/2000; 9:42:33 AM
andrew cooke - (Text) Adventures in Prolog  blueArrow
11/16/2000; 9:42:33 AM (reads: 1700, responses: 0)
(Text) Adventures in Prolog
This site shows how (amongst other things) to write text adventures in Prolog. From the little I know of Prolog that sounds like a very sensible thing to do, and it looks like a very friendly introduction. It also reminds me of the first game I played on my first computer (ah, an Oric-1...).
Posted to Logic/Declerative by andrew cooke on 11/16/00; 9:45:58 AM