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inactiveTopic Perl: Apocalypse 5: Regular Expressions
started 6/4/2002; 6:26:33 PM - last post 6/4/2002; 6:26:33 PM
Keith Devens - Perl: Apocalypse 5: Regular Expressions  blueArrow
6/4/2002; 6:26:33 PM (reads: 382, responses: 0)
Just thought some people might be interested. Apocalypse 5 was just released on, and it's all about regular expressions. I think we can all appreciate his introduction:

This is the Apocalypse on Pattern Matching, generally having to do with what we call "regular expressions", which are only marginally related to real regular expressions. Nevertheless, the term has grown with the capabilities of our pattern matching engines, so I'm not going to try to fight linguistic necessity here.

There are major changes afoot, and I've just finished printing the ~50 pages of the thing, so I'm about to delve into them. :)