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inactiveTopic Feedback on Article?
started 11/18/2000; 10:17:52 AM - last post 11/18/2000; 10:17:52 AM
andrew cooke - Feedback on Article?  blueArrow
11/18/2000; 10:17:52 AM (reads: 331, responses: 0)

A personal request - would anyone be willing to read and comment on an article I'm writing for a magazine? I can't attribute you for the magazine, but will give credit when I stick it on the web (if you want). It's an article on programming languages (ostensibly a review of Design Patterns) aimed at a literate, but computer-ignorant audience. If interested, please email me (it'll be as a postscript file).

Thanks, Andrew

PS It's unsolicited and will probably be rejected by the magazine, but I will stick it on my web site.