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started 6/14/2002; 8:02:59 AM - last post 6/14/2002; 8:02:59 AM
Ehud Lamm - Runtime optimization mailing list  blueArrow
6/14/2002; 8:02:59 AM (reads: 1521, responses: 0)
Runtime optimization mailing list
Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) binary translations and code generation techniques, dynamic and adaptive optimization technologies, interpreters, emulators and runtime environments, static versus dynamic compiler technologies, profile- or feedback-directed optimizations, testing and performance measurement, hot-spot or critical path prediction, interaction between hardware and software technologies, cache/caching and memory management strategies, and more.

I am not going to follow this closely, but if you find something interesting on this list, do let us know.

Posted to implementation by Ehud Lamm on 6/14/02; 8:03:26 AM