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inactiveTopic An Overview of Miranda
started 11/19/2000; 6:00:26 AM - last post 11/20/2000; 9:21:24 AM
Ehud Lamm - An Overview of Miranda  blueArrow
11/19/2000; 6:00:26 AM (reads: 907, responses: 3)
An Overview of Miranda
When looking for info on lazy evaluation, I came upon this web version of the SIGPLAN paper.

Cool things like list comprehensions, lzay evaluation and infinite data structures etc.

Many of these ideas can be found in Haskell.
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Chris Rathman - Re: An Overview of Miranda  blueArrow
11/19/2000; 6:53:48 AM (reads: 952, responses: 0)
I haven't had a chance to do much with it yet, but a while back I saved off a link to Amanda which is a scaled down version of Miranda (read recreational) - with the advantage that it is freely available on the web.

Ehud Lamm - Re: An Overview of Miranda  blueArrow
11/20/2000; 2:07:53 AM (reads: 961, responses: 0)
Does Amanda have a web site, or something more acccessible than this FTP site? I looked around, but couldn't find anything.

Chris Rathman - Re: An Overview of Miranda  blueArrow
11/20/2000; 9:21:24 AM (reads: 940, responses: 0)
I'm not aware of any other web material available for Amanda. I recall picking up the link on UseNet and saving it of for future reference. The author of Amanda does warn that it was for research purposes and is probably not up to the commercial quality of Miranda.