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inactiveTopic JSIS - Semantic Interface Specification for Java
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Ehud Lamm - JSIS - Semantic Interface Specification for Java  blueArrow
6/24/2002; 8:09:50 AM (reads: 496, responses: 0)
JSIS - Semantic Interface Specification for Java
I am back home, and trying to put some order to the things I learned. I had a great time, and got a chance to meet Ingo Rammer and eat some Topfenknodel!

Anyway, JSIS allows you to perfrom semantic and syntactic Java source code analysis (i.e, you get a view of the AST). It is closely related to and inspired by Ada's ASIS standard.

I always saw ASIS as one of the cool features of Ada, since it makes writing programs that perform static analysis of Ada programs so much easier.

JSIS is supposed to have some gateway to Reflection. There are methods to obtain Reflection objects from corresponding JSIS objects and there are constructors to create JSIS objects given Reflection objects. This sounds quite interesting.

If you have access to Springer LINK, you can check out the conference proceedings, and read an ASIS case study.

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