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Ehud Lamm - Shiro Kawai - Shooting A Moving Target  blueArrow
6/25/2002; 2:22:31 AM (reads: 2438, responses: 1)
Shiro Kawai - Shooting A Moving Target
How can you track complex information flow for an organization rapidly changing its structure and workflow?


To cope with this situation, we've been using a Lisp-based object oriented database (OODB) from the beginning of the production. Lisp's flexibility allows us to change internal data structures quickly while maintaining the compatibility with the other parts of the production, which turned out to be the key requirement for such a fluid structure.

Trying to clear the backlog of items from before the conference...

Shiro Kawai tells an interesting story about a database intensive project (we are talking terabytes here) implemented in Lisp. Another aspect of the design was using an open and well-defined scripting API, implemented (obviously) in Lisp.

If you find this interesting, do read the second article Shiro wrote about these issues.

Oleg, who pointed me in the direction of these articles, also suggested a comp.lang.scheme thread discussing these projects.

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Patrick Logan - Re: Shiro Kawai - Shooting A Moving Target  blueArrow
6/26/2002; 8:19:33 AM (reads: 767, responses: 0)
I also had positive experiences using a dynamic language and an OODB to implement persistent, concurrent state machines (which is essentially what a workflow is.)