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inactiveTopic Oleg's USENIX2002 report
started 6/25/2002; 4:13:13 AM - last post 6/27/2002; 8:55:41 AM
Ehud Lamm - Oleg's USENIX2002 report  blueArrow
6/25/2002; 4:13:13 AM (reads: 601, responses: 3)
Oleg's USENIX2002 report
Oleg is kind enough to allow me to post his USENIX2002 notes here on LtU.

You'll find some discussion of using formal methods like Z to aid the design of complicated algorithms, and some (rather disparaging) comments about Cyclone.

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 6/25/02; 4:15:35 AM

Noel Welsh - Re: Oleg's USENIX2002 report  blueArrow
6/27/2002; 5:41:42 AM (reads: 659, responses: 2)
I can well believe that Cyclone isn't "it", but I do believe there is a huge gap for a fast functional language that acknowledges the hardware it runs on and provides fast integer and FP math. O'Caml doesn't, for example, support byte arrays (except as Strings), or 16-bit arrays, or 32-bit floats etc. and it isn't speedy on matrix multiplication compared to C.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Oleg's USENIX2002 report  blueArrow
6/27/2002; 7:15:45 AM (reads: 639, responses: 0)
Is Cyclone a functional language? (no pun intended!)

andrew cooke - Re: Oleg's USENIX2002 report  blueArrow
6/27/2002; 8:55:41 AM (reads: 679, responses: 0)
Have you considered MLton?

It appears to be fast, has a size primitive, native support for arrays and ints of various sizes, and fast unlimited precision too.