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Ehud Lamm - J-SEAL2  blueArrow
6/26/2002; 12:21:29 PM (reads: 490, responses: 0)
J-SEAL2 is a secure mobile agent system, which is implemented in pure Java. J-SEAL2 extends the standard Java runtime system with strong protection mechanisms allowing to protect the platform from malicious or badly programmed agents, as well as each agent from any other agent in the system. J-SEAL2 requires the Java 2 platform (JDK 1.2 or higher).

J-SEAL2 is based on a micro-kernel architecture (this may help with verification). This micro-kernel helps protect agents from one another, and provides secure communication channels.

Work is underway to integrate resource control into JSEAL-2 (JRAF- Java Resource Accounting Facility).

J-SEAL2 is based on the Seal Calculus (see Jan Vitek and Giuseppe Castagna. Seal: A framework for secure mobile computations. In Internet Programming Languages, 1999.)

JSEAL-2 was used in the implementation of an autonomous multi-purpose station executing dynamically uploaded applications, which was described in the case studies track of the Ada-Europe conference I attended last week.

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