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inactiveTopic Oleg's USENIX2002 report (update!)
started 6/29/2002; 4:41:40 AM - last post 6/29/2002; 4:41:40 AM
Ehud Lamm - Oleg's USENIX2002 report (update!)  blueArrow
6/29/2002; 4:41:40 AM (reads: 250, responses: 0)
Oleg's USENIX2002 report (update!)
Oleg sent in two new summaries.

The first is about AGFL, "the first free parser generator for natural languages under the GPL". Lot's of interesting comments about the state of the art in NLP.

The second summary is about Plan9 and Infereno. The most interesting comment (from our pov) is the claim that since Limbo is a safe language Inferno does not need a kernel-user-space boundary. I am reminded of the programming languages as operating systems theme. More later.

I've appended the new talk summaries to the file containing Oleg's comments from USENIX2002. They are at the bootom of the file (well, that's what Append means, is it not?)

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