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started 6/30/2002; 2:45:39 AM - last post 7/3/2002; 1:16:53 PM
Ehud Lamm - Edge Side Includes (ESI)  blueArrow
6/30/2002; 2:45:39 AM (reads: 1091, responses: 1)
Edge Side Includes (ESI)
Edge Side Includes (ESI) is a simple markup language used to define Web page components for dynamic assembly and delivery of Web applications at the edge of the Internet.

Nice use of XML and a nice example of language design (KISS...)

And it looks like Pivia's ESI engine was written by one of the good guys (i.e., webloggers).

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Edge Side Includes (ESI)  blueArrow
7/3/2002; 1:16:53 PM (reads: 455, responses: 0)
David McCusker talks about the code the Pivia code he wrote.