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started 7/2/2002; 7:44:46 AM - last post 7/2/2002; 12:07:22 PM
Ehud Lamm - Europython presentations  blueArrow
7/2/2002; 7:44:46 AM (reads: 1956, responses: 1)
Europython presentations
(via Daily Python-URL)

Slides made available by the speakers.

Of interest: Iterators and Generators and Stackless Reincarnate among others.

Posted to Python by Ehud Lamm on 7/2/02; 7:46:46 AM

andrew cooke - Re: Europython presentations  blueArrow
7/2/2002; 12:07:22 PM (reads: 484, responses: 0)
Yikes. I completely missed the changed direction for Stackless and think I posted not too long ago that it wouldn't be admitted into Python because of compatability problems with JPython. That's obviously wrong (see the slides) and there's more info at

Apologies if this was posted here before (it's old news - from Feb this year) and I missed it.