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Ehud Lamm - The YAFL programming language  blueArrow
7/2/2002; 9:04:33 AM (reads: 472, responses: 2)
The YAFL programming language
The compiler support facility is the most significant difference between YAFL and the other modern third generation languages. The compiler support facility is the availability of the compiler passes and its attached intermediate data structures as documented and usable YAFL constructs, defined as part of the standard library.

I am not sure how different this is from reflection facilities, MOPs etc.

YAFL is the implementation language of the RainCode tool chain. The so-called RainCode Engine can be used for static analysis of programs. The tool parses source code, and provides a scripting language that allows you to walk the annotated syntax tree. The scripting language is procedural/event-driven.

I haven't used these tools myself, so I have no first hand experience. I had dinner with the nice people from RainCode when I was in Vienna last month.

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rev - Re: The YAFL programming language  blueArrow
7/4/2002; 11:48:53 PM (reads: 446, responses: 1)
I know in a lot of ways classification for stuff like this is kind of worthless, that is, giving a certain language a "generation" of which it is a member. Rather like human generations or decades, just terms to generalize.

In any case, does it bother anyone else that there's no room between languages like C and HyperCard as far as "generations" of languages are concerned? C is usually put in the 3rd gen, and something like HyperCard or dBase is 4th gen. Smalltalk and Lisp are thrown in the 3rd gen along with Algol.

I guess this whole rant is really just saying that the generation classification scheme is worthless, but I'm sure everyone already knew that.

Ehud Lamm - Re: The YAFL programming language  blueArrow
7/5/2002; 1:29:16 AM (reads: 482, responses: 0)