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inactiveTopic CoKinetic windows user interface markup language
started 7/3/2002; 9:33:15 AM - last post 7/3/2002; 9:33:15 AM
Ken Meltsner - CoKinetic windows user interface markup language  blueArrow
7/3/2002; 9:33:15 AM (reads: 649, responses: 0)
CoKinetic's home page

It sounds like a more declarative version of Curl (which was largely Lisp-influenced, therefore good in my eyes). Basically, in their words, CoKinetic has defined the:

"... Internet Interface and Integration Markup Language (I3ML). In a nutshell, I3ML is a 100% XML-based representation of an application's user interface and its connections to server-hosted functionality. I3ML is interpreted by CoKinetic's Player and rendered as a Windows user interface..."

I3ML incorporates Javascript to describe client-side actions.

This idea keeps popping up; there's Luxor in the open source world which is based on Mozilla's XUL, for example. Never seems to be successful, unless you count Flash as such a tool.

The most novel bit of CoKinetic's system is that it can access Web services (i.e. SOAP) directly. In theory, I suppose you could transform some sort of service description directly into its markup language. Absent a standard for describing the user interface to a set of web services, this may take a while to be implemented.