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jon fernquest - Hugs98 for .NET  blueArrow
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Hugs98 for .NET

"The motivation behind this work is entirely pragmatic -- I want to be able to use a great language on an important, new platform laden with many great features and libraries. In contrast with other attempts at integrating functional languages with the .NET platform, Hugs98 for .NET takes a hands-off approach, providing 'just' the ability to interoperate well with .NET. That is, it does not try to compile Haskell into .NET's IL and have the .NET run-time execute it. Instead the Hugs98 interpreter operates side-by-side with the .NET run-time, providing code in either world with just the ability to call code in the other."

Mondrian and Haskell for .NET is being delayed by difficulties in implementing full Haskell. In just a few lines of code, the example on the main page fetches an url into a haskell string. [ Announcement for Hugs98 for .NET ]