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started 7/11/2002; 8:41:39 AM - last post 7/11/2002; 8:51:02 AM
thomas - c programming  blueArrow
7/11/2002; 8:41:39 AM (reads: 582, responses: 1)
I am newbie in this area, so now i study c prog, but at this time i can't continue my project work bcs i won't able to use delete function to delete file. I was ready try use remove() and rename() function but whole database record will be deleted at same time, my request is how to search a particular record and just delete what i am found in my database.

actually, i created my progromme is very simple, it just handle our com record which can

1.add data. data. 3.delete data. 4.sort data.

My program currently will be finish but missed this part function so pls help who able and willing or love to help newbie.

THKS a lot !

Ehud Lamm - Re: c programming  blueArrow
7/11/2002; 8:51:02 AM (reads: 620, responses: 0)
I suggest you go a C programming forum (comp.lang.c.*)

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