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started 7/17/2002; 4:19:06 AM - last post 7/20/2002; 7:17:44 AM
jon fernquest - Graphviz: Programmable Graph Editor  blueArrow
7/17/2002; 4:19:06 AM (reads: 2448, responses: 2)
Graphviz: Programmable Graph Editor
Graphviz contains a programmable graph editor "dotty" that AT&T Labs has released to the public. It seems like a very good and practical example of a Domain Specific Language:

The procedural interface is convenient for algo- rithmic operations (e.g. set node color as a function of degree). The procedural interface also allows re- programming the WYSIWYG interface. For exam- ple, the left mouse button can be bound to a func- tion that highlights all edges attached to the node under the mouse pointer. The underlying program- ming language has primitives to start external pro- cesses and to establish interprocess communication channels. This makes it possible for dotty to oper- ate as a graphical front-end for other processes. In this context, graphs can represent state information maintained by a back-end process, and user actions can be bound to functions that translate graph op- erations to corresponding state change requests sent to the back-end.

For an overview see the overview web page and the paper Applications of Graph Visualization (by North and Koutsofios, source of above quote) To see the amazing range of graphs that can be drawn look at the extensive directed graph examples which include finite state machines, parse trees for computer programs and natural language, various kinds of flow charts, graphs with colored nodes, and family trees of unix shells and programming constructs.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Graphviz: Programmable Graph Editor  blueArrow
7/17/2002; 12:21:24 PM (reads: 1324, responses: 0)
I remember checking this out ages ago when I needed good graph drawing capabilites (I used graphs to model security related information: file read permissions etc. so the grpahs were pretty big).

But now I see you can do some cool web based programming with the Graphviz tool chain. Nice!

bryan rasmussen - Re: Graphviz: Programmable Graph Editor  blueArrow
7/20/2002; 7:17:44 AM (reads: 1284, responses: 0) has an xml grammar, the graphotron, that among other things can be made to output to graphviz.