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Dan Shappir - Exploring .NET Alternatives  blueArrow
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Exploring .NET Alternatives
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NM: What are the strengths of C# that make it worth porting to Linux in the first place?

MI: I would say that the major strength of C# comes from it being like Java, but it goes beyond that. It's not simply that you have a new language and a new runtime engine, so now you have to rewrite your code and deploy it into this new platform. It's more of an evolutionary approach. For example, you might have some existing code. You get a way to keep your code, and we're going to provide you with all sorts of mechanisms for you go grow that code with this new runtime. So if you have 10 million lines of C code, you're not going to drop them. Instead, you extend your existing 10 million lines of code with probably a hundred thousand lines of C# code. That's the first step. And, eventually, you'll probably migrate the whole application over. It might take you 10 or 20 years to bring the entire application over. Your app might always be a hybrid. It doesn't matter; you can do it always with .NET.

An interview with Miguel de Icaza, cofounder and CTO of Ximian, on the Mono project. Mono has been discussed here before, but this interview provides some additional insights as to the motivation behind this project.

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