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Ehud Lamm - ConCert Project - Certified Code for Grid Computing  blueArrow
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ConCert Project - Certified Code for Grid Computing
The ConCert Project investigates the theoretical and engineering basis for the trustless dissemination of software in an untrusted environment. To make this possible the project investigates machine-checkable certificates of compliance with security, integrity, and privacy requirements. Such checkable certificates allow participants to verify the intrinsic properties of disseminated software, rather than extrinsic properties such as the software's point of origin.

ConCert is mostly based on PCC, typed intermediate languages and typed assembly language. However, there are several other programing language angles to the project (e.g., policy definitions).

Robert Harper's talk The ConCert Project: Trustless Grid Computing (May 2002) provides a nice introduction (ppt file; other formats available on the website).

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