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inactiveTopic Extreme Markup Languages 2002 (conference program)
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Ehud Lamm - Extreme Markup Languages 2002 (conference program)  blueArrow
7/20/2002; 1:08:18 PM (reads: 1043, responses: 0)
Extreme Markup Languages 2002 (conference program)
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Several interesting talks. For example:

  • Drawing inferences on the basis of markup (One useful approach to the semantics of markup is to consider the ‘meaning’ of some markup construct, e.g. a tag T, to be the set of things which are true because of T)
  • Binary queries (Typically, queries match single nodes in the document; for k-ary queries, in contrast, each match identifies k locations in the document, connected via some specified relation)
  • Comparing markup languages (A prototype Java application (the Comparer) evaluates two document instances that contain the same information and provides both a node-by-node comparison and an "overall similarity metric")
  • Implementing the XQuery grammar: From BNF to parse tree to backend data structures (using JavaCC)
  • The Layered Markup and Annotation Language (LMAL)
  • A type-safe macro system for XML
  • Human and machine sign systems

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