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started 7/22/2002; 6:16:45 AM - last post 7/22/2002; 7:04:26 AM
pashish76 - Visual Basic  blueArrow
7/22/2002; 6:16:45 AM (reads: 272, responses: 1)
I have a database in MSSQL 7.0. The database has around 10 tables of which the mainly working tables are just 3. The first table contains around 900 records the Second table contains around 100000 records and the third table contains around 400000 records.

The third table has a text datatype filed

all three tables are indexed on the primary fields.

When ever i try to use a join query picking up information from all three tables and a like crieteria used on the text datatype field on the third table, the query goes beyond 3 - 4 minutes in Query Analyser however the VB tool gives runtime error SQL Server Time Out.

How can this be solved.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Visual Basic  blueArrow
7/22/2002; 7:04:26 AM (reads: 290, responses: 0)
I suggest you go to a Visual Basic programming forum.

This weblog is dedicated to the study of general properties of programming languages (see the FAQ) and not to language specific programming tips.

People, if anyone wants to help - don't post here; send email. I'll update the FAQ so that it is clearer.