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inactiveTopic JSR-166 - Concurrency Utilities
started 7/22/2002; 2:44:59 PM - last post 7/24/2002; 1:32:49 PM
Ehud Lamm - JSR-166 - Concurrency Utilities  blueArrow
7/22/2002; 2:44:59 PM (reads: 444, responses: 2)
JSR-166 - Concurrency Utilities
Doug Lea provides information and implementations related to JSR-166.

The design is similar (surprise surprise) to the library discussed in Lea's book.

It is interesting to compare these 'concurrency utilities' with facilities found in other languages (e.g., Ada).

Seeing as I am interested in collection libraries, I wanted to see how collections are handled. Compare the initial aims and scope of JSR-166 with the implementations found in Lea's original library.

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Manuel Simoni - Re: JSR-166 - Concurrency Utilities  blueArrow
7/24/2002; 1:25:24 PM (reads: 447, responses: 1)
Those who haven't read Lea's book should check out this Java implementation of concurrent sequential processes (CSP):

Ehud Lamm - Re: JSR-166 - Concurrency Utilities  blueArrow
7/24/2002; 1:32:49 PM (reads: 472, responses: 0)
Previous discussion here on LtU.