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started 7/24/2002; 12:29:46 PM - last post 7/25/2002; 2:03:40 AM
Ehud Lamm - Personal weblogs  blueArrow
7/24/2002; 12:29:46 PM (reads: 948, responses: 2)
Personal weblogs
Many LtU members and editors also have personal weblogs. To make it easier to find these often quite interesting weblogs, I added a new field to the membership data you can provide when signing up as a LtU member.

If you are already a member, you can simply go to the preferences page in order to change your membership data.

To see the public information provided by a member, go to one of his posts and simply click on the author's name. For an example, check my profile.

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 7/24/02; 12:36:41 PM

Dan Shappir - Re: Personal weblogs  blueArrow
7/25/2002; 1:48:14 AM (reads: 550, responses: 1)
You're highly detailed profile indicates that you are from Alabama. I thought you are an Israeli.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Personal weblogs  blueArrow
7/25/2002; 2:03:40 AM (reads: 595, responses: 0)
I am. I don't really like posting personal information, so I tend not to change the default values.