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inactiveTopic Biglook: A Widget Library for Scheme
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Ehud Lamm - Biglook: A Widget Library for Scheme  blueArrow
7/28/2002; 4:18:13 AM (reads: 804, responses: 1)
Biglook: A Widget Library for Scheme
Of a special note is a comparison of Biglook, Tcl/Tk, Swing and GTK on an example of a widget with several buttons. In Biglook, the creation of a button, its packing and the setting of the event handler are all part of the same expression. In Tcl/Tk, the code that deals with a button is spread out in three places. In Swing, the same code is split in 4 places. In GTK, in 5 places. The paper notes that in the experience of the authors, the Biglook source code is about twice smaller than the same interface implemented in Tcl/Tk, and about four times smaller that the interface implemented in C with GTK+.

Another Usenix summary from Oleg.

As usual, the new summary is at the end of the file.

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Keith Devens - Re: Biglook: A Widget Library for Scheme  blueArrow
7/28/2002; 4:57:08 PM (reads: 832, responses: 0)
So *why* is the code so much shorter? Are there any examples comparing all of the different approaches, enumerating all the five places GTK does things that Biglook does in one place, for example? I'd love to see some direct code comparisons.