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inactiveTopic Looking for some data
started 11/27/2000; 9:11:56 AM - last post 11/27/2000; 9:11:56 AM
Ehud Lamm - Looking for some data  blueArrow
11/27/2000; 9:11:56 AM (reads: 217, responses: 0)
As part of my research, I am looking for statisitcs on the use of several language features. I'd be grateful for any references (esp. published papers), containing recent results.

Primarily I am looking for:

* The use of inheritance (depth of hirarchies, number of childer, number of parents (MI) etc.) Programming languages: Any OOP lang. Esp. C++, Ada, Java

* Use of "reflection" in Java systems (% of systems that use it; what kinds of uses)

* Breakdown of casts in C++ code (according to the modern classification: dynamic_cast, const_cast etc.)

Thanks in advance,