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Chris Rathman - Transact-SQL Programming  blueArrow
12/1/2000; 7:44:20 AM (reads: 555, responses: 0)
Transact-SQL Programming
Having reading the above book, I can highly recommend it for anyone that programs for MS SQL Server or Sybase Adaptive Server. In comparison, I also read Oracle PL/SQL Programming and didn't find it to be nearly as informative or thorough (barely getting into what it takes to do things in Oracle).

That said, I do find that programming in T-SQL is a very frustrating experience. Trying to build applications through stored procedures makes you miss the general purpose programming languages. Things you take for granted in other languages (user defined functions, modules, macros, include files, etc) are just not there.

For some reason, all these special purpose languages I deal in these days (XSLT, T-SQL, JavaScript, etc...) have serious holes in them that make them useful but quite irritating.
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