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Concern Graphs
Subtitled "Finding and Describing Concerns Using Structural Program Dependencies." FEAT is a tool for locating aspects (cross-cutting concerns or features) in source code that wasn't written with Aspect Oriented Programming. Perhaps it should be called "Aspect Oriented Maintenance Programming." Unlike previous approaches, FEAT is not based on mere lines of source code:

Developers working on existing programs repeatedly have to address concerns (features, aspects...) that are not well modularized in the source code comprising a system. In such cases, a developer has to first locate the implementation of the concern in the source code comprising the system, and then document the concern sufficiently to be able to understand it and perform the actual change task. Existing approaches available to help software developers locate and manage scattered concerns use a representation based on lines of source code. Such a line-of-code representation makes it difficult to understand the concern and limits the analysis possibilities. ... ...By visually navigating structural program dependencies through the tool's graphical interface, you can locate the code implementing a concern, and store the result as an abstract representation consisting of building blocks that are easy to manipulate and query.

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