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started 8/16/2002; 2:48:45 PM - last post 8/17/2002; 7:38:57 AM
Ehud Lamm - The Function Pointer Tutorials  blueArrow
8/16/2002; 2:48:45 PM (reads: 713, responses: 1)
The Function Pointer Tutorials
(via Keith Devens)

The site dedicated to C and C++ Function Pointers

If you use C or C++ these are techniques that are well worth knowing. Still, I find it a bit amusing to see a whole site dedicated to explaining how to do something that is so basic and natural in some languages (i.e., Scheme).

The more interesting thing, of course, is how to make the best use of real closures and first class functions -- when you have the good fortune to be using a language (or library) that provides them.

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Albert Y. C. Lai - Re: The Function Pointer Tutorials  blueArrow
8/17/2002; 7:38:57 AM (reads: 688, responses: 0)
On dedicating a whole site. Yes, I agree. Some time ago I wrote a joke about titles of programming books:

See in particular the entries near the end. :)