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inactiveTopic Is EJB Always Necessary?
started 8/22/2002; 9:18:40 AM - last post 8/25/2002; 9:34:35 AM
Ehud Lamm - Is EJB Always Necessary?  blueArrow
8/22/2002; 9:18:40 AM (reads: 1479, responses: 2)
Is EJB Always Necessary?
If your application doesn't involve a lot of true distributed computing or require distributed transaction management, the odds are very good that there's a better way to do it.

And more along these lines in a response to the original article.

I like the notion of distributed objects that mask deployment details. To make this happen, these distributed objects must be first-class and light weight.

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Jeremy Wohl - Re: Is EJB Always Necessary?  blueArrow
8/23/2002; 1:29:59 AM (reads: 973, responses: 0)
In a project done a few years ago, we quickly found EJBs an unconvincing model. It does too much, and each aspect poorly.

I responded to Mike's blog thread here.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Is EJB Always Necessary?  blueArrow
8/25/2002; 9:34:35 AM (reads: 923, responses: 0)
Patrick's views.