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inactiveTopic Reflection in Ruby
started 12/5/2000; 7:32:35 AM - last post 12/5/2000; 7:32:35 AM
Chris Rathman - Reflection in Ruby  blueArrow
12/5/2000; 7:32:35 AM (reads: 287, responses: 0)
Reflection in Ruby
Not the most concise explanation of reflection but it does give a good feel for what's possible in Ruby (which is pretty nice). Also, Jim Weirich has written GemFinder, an object browser using the Ruby reflection capabilities. (Jim has been gung ho about Ruby of late).

Don't know what Ruby is? Then check out Programming in Ruby. Ruby is kind of cross between Perl and Python. Object Oriented Programming is slightly friendlier than Python (and a whole lot better than those blessed things in Perl). But much of the power of Perl string/hash handling is also retained.

Me, I still like Python better. But I have to admit that Ruby has some advantages (especially closures). I do think that Python reflection is in the same class as Ruby but the default is to simply trundle through the dictionaries. Anybody know of an object browser for Python?
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