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inactiveTopic Playing around - Lambda Topics
started 12/5/2000; 10:50:47 AM - last post 12/6/2000; 4:04:02 AM
Chris Rathman - Playing around - Lambda Topics  blueArrow
12/5/2000; 10:50:47 AM (reads: 239, responses: 1)
Wondering if there's a way to get a sorted list of our discussion topics? I went ahead and built some sorted lists of topics but the hassle is keeping them up to date (not to mention the hassle of going off to my website):

Sorted by Topic

Sorted by Date

andrew cooke - Re: Playing around - Lambda Topics  blueArrow
12/6/2000; 4:04:02 AM (reads: 286, responses: 0)
Excellent! I've been wanting something like that for a long time (no, I couldn't find any way to get an automated list either).