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inactiveTopic Anybody home?
started 8/26/2002; 8:50:54 AM - last post 8/28/2002; 10:06:39 AM
Ehud Lamm - Anybody home?  blueArrow
8/26/2002; 8:50:54 AM (reads: 1351, responses: 5)
Anybody home?
Are all the contributing editors (except Jon that is) on vacation or something?

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 8/26/02; 8:51:25 AM

Chris Rathman - Re: Anybody home?  blueArrow
8/26/2002; 11:29:40 AM (reads: 917, responses: 1)
I'm still here. Just been busy and haven't run across much of interest of late. Doing a project in C# at the moment, and most everything I've read seems to be a re-hash (reimplementation) of old ideas.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Anybody home?  blueArrow
8/26/2002; 12:50:29 PM (reads: 970, responses: 0)
New explanations of old ideas can be very helpful... (this is, afer all, almost the whole point of the education system)

Dan Shappir - Re: Anybody home?  blueArrow
8/28/2002; 2:56:32 AM (reads: 819, responses: 1)
Yes, I have been on vacation :-)

And now that I'm back I have a very large load of work waiting, so I'll probably be a light poster for a while.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Anybody home?  blueArrow
8/28/2002; 4:36:13 AM (reads: 867, responses: 0)
And you call this discipline?!

Biep - Re: Anybody home?  blueArrow
8/28/2002; 10:06:39 AM (reads: 798, responses: 0)
I have been at home with severe fatigue for over a year now :-(

But I am slowly getting better, and am occasionally *reading* LtU now, so there is still hope :-)