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Cezar Ionescu - Backus Turing Award Lecture  blueArrow
8/26/2002; 11:24:53 PM (reads: 1225, responses: 3)
A question that comes up now and again in comp.lang.functional & co. is "where can I find an online copy of 'Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style?' by Backus". Recently, a post in comp.lang.lisp gives a link to a scanned copy of the original Communications of the ACM Vol. 21 No. 8, 1978 publication: (As far as I have checked, this linked is not mentioned on this site and might be of interest here--it sure was of interest to me.) The post containing the link is at Best, Cezar.

Frank Atanassow - Re: Backus Turing Award Lecture  blueArrow
8/27/2002; 1:11:48 AM (reads: 1273, responses: 0)

See also:

Alexander Aiken et al. The FL Project: The Design of a Functional Language.


FL is the result of an effort to design a practical functional programming language based on Backus' FP. This paper provides an introduction to and critique of the FL language. The language effort is analyzed from several points of view: language design, implementation, and user experiences. Emphasis is placed on the unusual aspects of FL, its strengths and weaknesses, and how FL compares with other functional programming languages.

Ernst Herrera Legorreta - Re: Backus Turing Award Lecture  blueArrow
10/17/2003; 1:06:38 AM (reads: 240, responses: 0)
The J programming language [by Ken Iverson and Roger Hui] is a powerful, effective synthesis of APL [also by Iverson] and Backus' FP.