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inactiveTopic C9X - The New ISO Standard for C
started 12/5/2000; 5:57:39 PM - last post 8/11/2003; 9:39:16 AM
Chris Rathman - C9X - The New ISO Standard for C  blueArrow
12/5/2000; 5:57:39 PM (reads: 904, responses: 2)
C9X - The New ISO Standard for C
Must admit that I haven't been paying too close attention to C these days. Still, it's an important language and I do use it for odds and ends. Seems there's a new ISO standard C9X.

There is an interview with Dennis Ritchie in LinuxWorld where he discusses a number of things, including designing new programming languages. Also kind of interesting to read his attitude about the new C9X standard.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: C9X - The New ISO Standard for C  blueArrow
12/6/2000; 9:09:58 AM (reads: 925, responses: 1)
Wow! So now C will finally start thinking about aliasing problems? Great. The restrict keyword, alas, is only a hint - so it seems user code can't rely on having no aliasing.

Well, as step in the right direction anyway.

(For languages that are low level enough that such issues are not completely hidden by the semantics).

Isaac Gouy - Re: C9X - The New ISO Standard for C  blueArrow
8/11/2003; 9:39:16 AM (reads: 283, responses: 0)
"The New C Standard: An Annotated Reference" is available in draft form.
This book is about the latest version of the C Standard, ISO/IEC 9899:1999. It is structured as a detailed, systematic, analysis of that entire language standard (clauses 1-6 in detail; clause 7, the library is only covered briefly). There are a few higher level themes running through all this detail, these are elaborated on below. This book is driven by existing developer practices, not ideal developer practices (what ever they might be). How developers use computer languages is not the only important issue; the writing of translators for them and the characteristics of the hosts on which they have to be executed are also a big influence on the language specification.