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inactiveTopic 'A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design'
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Ehud Lamm - 'A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design'  blueArrow
8/7/2000; 12:17:00 PM (reads: 818, responses: 0)
'A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design'
This seems o be a book about combining the OO and FP paradigms. It seems the main approach is to create OO patterns 'simulating' FP concepts (like lazy evaluation). The langauge the book uses is Eiffel.

This is related to our discussion of 'unified' languages. I like this approach, from a practical point of view. Most people know procedural/OO languages, so it is easier to introduce FP concepts through them, rather than the other way around (which is what happens in SICP for example). I've done this a few times (mainly through the discussion of passive iteration).

I haven't read the book, so any 'review' or comments by people who read it are more than welcome.

A quote from the site:

Using functional patterns for object-oriented design can be regarded as dual-paradigm design. In this light, functional design patterns appear as language idioms that lift an object-oriented language to a dual paradigm implementation language. It is very instructive to verify how well an object-oriented language supports the implementation of these idioms, since limiting properties are expected to interfere in other attempts to produce flexible and maintainable software as well.
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