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started 12/5/2000; 8:05:47 PM - last post 12/6/2000; 2:47:34 AM
Zach Garner - SNOBOL T-Shirt  blueArrow
12/5/2000; 8:05:47 PM (reads: 175, responses: 1)
For all you hardcore SNOBOL4 programmers out there, you've got to pick up the T-Shirt. Get It Before It Gets You! :)

If anyone knows where I can pick up a scheme shirt, or perhaps one with a simple lambda on it (of course then all of the half-life gamers will think I'm cool) I'd be happy.

Ehud Lamm - Re: SNOBOL T-Shirt  blueArrow
12/6/2000; 2:47:34 AM (reads: 186, responses: 0)
My Lambda weblog shirt has a 'simple lambda' on it...

There are several Scheme shirts on various Scheme courses home pages, sorry I don't have the URLs handy. But a search should get you there.