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GNU Prolog
"...the novelty of the GNU Prolog compilation scheme is to translate a WAM file into a mini-assembly (MA) file... The corresponding MA code is mapped to the assembly language of the target machine. In order to simplify the writing (i.e. porting) of such translators the instruction set of MA must be simple... the MA language is based on 10 instructions, mainly to handle the control of Prolog and to call a C function ...built on previous systems developed at INRIA, namely wamcc for Prolog and clp(FD) for constraint solving on finite domains...(Quoted from: The GNU Prolog System and its Implementation, Daniel Diaz's Papers, Philippe Codognet's Papers)

Now works under windows without Cygwin. For an extensive overview of Prolog see J.R. Fisher's online Prolog tutorial that rivals "The Art of Prolog" [Book Review, Code, Exercise Answers, Citations] in breadth and depth. There is also a Java GNU Prolog, apparently unrelated.
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