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started 12/6/2000; 1:23:55 PM - last post 12/11/2000; 12:45:54 AM
Ehud Lamm - Continuations  blueArrow
12/6/2000; 1:23:55 PM (reads: 674, responses: 1)
During a recent discussion on comp.lang.ada I posted this Ada code, which represents continuations as tagged types (i.e.: using inheritance). This is not useful, but I kind of enjoyed it. It follows the CPS verision of the remove scheme function from EOPL.

Hope you find it amusing.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Continuations  blueArrow
12/11/2000; 12:45:54 AM (reads: 689, responses: 0)
I also have a similiar example of the Y combinator (factorial) using Ada tagged types to implement function objects.

If anyone wants to see, drop me a line.