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inactiveTopic Parsec, a fast combinator parser
started 9/15/2002; 8:52:59 AM - last post 9/17/2002; 1:49:21 PM
jon fernquest - Parsec, a fast combinator parser  blueArrow
9/15/2002; 8:52:59 AM (reads: 2251, responses: 1)
Parsec, a fast combinator parser
A combination user guide, reference manual, and tutorial for a Haskell combinator parser library. It has the most easily understandable examples and explanations that I have ever seen in a text about functional languages, both small code snippets to convey essential ideas and full parsers for some small languages. The clear and easy to understand explanations are apparently part of the author's philosophy of making his parsing library maximally usable. The library also sports a BSD style license to encourage widespread use. [Parsec Homepage] (Parsec, a fast combinator parser, Daan Leijen, 2001)
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Ethan Aubin - Re: Parsec, a fast combinator parser  blueArrow
9/17/2002; 1:49:21 PM (reads: 561, responses: 0)
Check out for a demonstration in C. Quick C-- uses a parser combinator library written in ocaml. Are there other implementations I'm missing?