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inactiveTopic The Query Language TQL
started 9/15/2002; 11:39:54 PM - last post 9/15/2002; 11:39:54 PM
funzel - The Query Language TQL  blueArrow
9/15/2002; 11:39:54 PM (reads: 154, responses: 0)
This work presents the query language TQL, a query language for semistructured data, that can be used to query XML files. TQL substitutes the standard path-based pattern-matching mechanism with a logic-based mechanism, where the programmer specifies the properties of the pieces of data she is trying to extract. As a result, TQL queries are more `declarative', or less `operational', than queries in comparable languages. The Query Language TQL, University of Pisa

TQL is another nice query language in the light of XQuery and with it's free variables and binding is better suited for some query types. Think Prolog meets SQL.