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started 9/17/2002; 12:03:16 AM - last post 9/17/2002; 12:03:16 AM
Brett Morgan - Intentional Programming Reborn  blueArrow
9/17/2002; 12:03:16 AM (reads: 537, responses: 0)
Pulled off of the AspectJ mailing list:

Several recent messages to this list have pointed out a close similarity between the goals of aspect-oriented programming and intentional programming.

I definitely agree! And here's why I didn't respond sooner...

Just today we are announcing Intentional Software Corporation -- a start-up that Charles Simonyi and I have founded together.

See for more details.

Intentional Software is the term we are using for tools that "make the code look like the design". We use this term because intentional software tools help to capture the design intent underlying the software.

Our products will incorporate ideas from aspect-oriented programming, generative programming and intentional programming. Each of these technologies, provides mechanisms for making certain kinds of design elements clear in the code. We are just getting started, so it is too early for us to announce specific product plans. But I wanted to let you know that we are not not going to forget AspectJ and AspectJ users! There are some incredibly useful (and beautiful) things we can do when we look to combine support for AspectJ with the technology we are developing. Over the next 3-9 months you can expect us to be giving talks and writing whitepapers about the new technology. We will be very eager to hear input from AspectJ users as well.