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Ehud Lamm - Separating Concerns with Knit  blueArrow
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Separating Concerns with Knit
Aspect Weaving as Component Knitting: Separating Concerns with Knit. Eric Eide, Alastair Reid, Matthew Flatt, and Jay Lepreau. Workshop on Advanced Separation of Concerns in Software Engineering at ICSE 2001, May 2001. Position paper.

Component composition with Knit thus acts like aspect weaving: component interfaces determine the “join points” for weaving, while components (some of which may be automatically generated) implement aspects. Knit is not limited to the construction of low-level software, and to the degree that a set of components exposes fine-grained relationships, Knit provides the benefits of aspect-oriented programming within its component model.

Among the recent discussions of AOP, this seems apporpriate.

The basic notion used in this paper is that of a unit. A unit is a component or model definition, defining imports, exports, and dependencies.

The main claim of the paper is that units are a proper foundation for developing the cross-cutting facets of a system in a modular fashion. The interfaces between between units are the AOP join points.

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