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andrew cooke - Exploring Randomness  blueArrow
12/15/2000; 12:19:52 AM (reads: 628, responses: 0)
Exploring Randomness
I saw a pointer to this, Chaitin's new book, in a computists newsletter.

Chaitin is interested in complexity theory - his site contains piles of interesting papers - especially measuring the complexity of programs. This latest book looks like it covers similar ground to this paper and includes code in Lisp.

I suspect you could get all the info from the book online (either indirectly or by waiting for the text to appear in HTML - it normally does ;-). However, this stuff is sufficiently dense (or I am) that it's worth buying the book to carry around while you think (OK, I admit that I'm sad enough to have spent an enjoyable week wandering round Vienna last year trying to solve the exercises in Koblitz...)

Oh, and there's also a Java applet for interpreting his Lisp.
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