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Chris Rathman - Gardens Point Component Pascal  blueArrow
12/18/2000; 2:27:04 PM (reads: 480, responses: 2)
Gardens Point Component Pascal
Component Pascal is Niklaus Wirth's latest language. The original implementation of Component Pascal is a commercial version by Oberon Microsystems called BlackBox. If you're interested in the family tree, A Brief History of Pascal provides some background.

The Gardens Point compiler is a GPL compiler that targets both JVM and .NET. The nice thing about Component Pascal is that it doesn't try to take over the entire machine like Oberon did. The syntax is pretty similar though there are some refinements.
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Isaac Gouy - Re: Gardens Point Component Pascal  blueArrow
6/10/2003; 2:24:23 PM (reads: 233, responses: 0)
A more direct link to the Component Pascal page.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Gardens Point Component Pascal  blueArrow
6/16/2003; 8:15:45 AM (reads: 232, responses: 0)
There are other implementations of Oberon2 compilers that build upon Modula2 compilers.

Excelsior (who produce the JET Java compiler and JVM) have Intel x86 based Modula2 and Oberon2 compilers for Windows and Linux.