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Ehud Lamm - TXL: Tree Transformation Language  blueArrow
10/2/2002; 10:56:56 AM (reads: 1366, responses: 1)
TXL: Tree Transformation Language
Though TXL was mentioned here before, it received very little attention. I always found it interesting, so I decided to mention it again...

The TXL programming language is a hybrid functional / rule-based language with unification, implied iteration and deep pattern match. A TXL program consists of an EBNf specifying the structures to be transformed, and a set of structured transformation rules, which are specified by example.

The web site suggest several tasks that are appropriate for TXL. These include program analysis and language processing.

The program transformation wiki has a nice summary page about TXL.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: TXL: Tree Transformation Language  blueArrow
10/3/2002; 7:52:02 AM (reads: 553, responses: 0)
DSSSL and XSLT are also tree transformation languages.