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Ehud Lamm - One tree isn't enough  blueArrow
10/4/2002; 4:39:24 AM (reads: 988, responses: 0)
One tree isn't enough
A well know issue for SGML developers, overlapping structures had been brought back to light in XML terms by Patrick Durusau at several conferences including XML Europe 2002 in May, and has given birth to several proposals at eXtreme Markup 2002 in August. Two of the complementary approaches are detailed in the papers announced by Patrick Durusau and Jeni Tenisson.

Just-In-Time-Trees (JITT) is based on dynamically building trees at run time. Layered Markup anNotation Language (LMNL) is non-XML, and is based on the notion of ranges, instead of elements.

Dealing with structured data is always an interesting exercise in abstraction building. The idea of a tree building API, a la the DOM, as proporsed for JITT, may result in more interesting apopraches for providing native XML support in programming languages.

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