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inactiveTopic We need contributors!
started 12/25/2000; 10:59:06 AM - last post 12/25/2000; 10:59:06 AM
Ehud Lamm - We need contributors!  blueArrow
12/25/2000; 10:59:06 AM (reads: 879, responses: 0)
We need contributors!
No we don't want your money. We just need more people to post on the front page of the log.

If you are a member, and can spare a few minutes a week to post language related things here, I am sure we'll all be gratful.

(If you have some more time, and want to help add features to this site - let me know).

I am terribly busy these days, so I can't find enough time to work on the weblog. Please help.

The number of members is increasing steadily. Now we just need more contributors. So don't just lurk, help!

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 12/25/00; 11:01:02 AM